Bulk Bar

Sweet surrenders by the scoopful… Choosing as many of your favorite sweet chocolate pleasures is a winning combination.

By selecting your own, new flavors can be discovered.

Only Available in our Boutique


Our large counter offers a beautiful variety of delicacies.

Puffed Corn and Dark Chocolate (70%) Squares
Cranberry and White Chocolate Squares
Puffed Rice and Milk Chocolate Squares
Bretzels Draped in Dark Chocolate (70%)
Puffed Corn and White Chocolate Squares
Bretzels Draped in Milk Chocolate
Almond and Dark Chocolate (70%) Squares
Salted Hazelnuts draped in Milk Chocolate
Dark (70%) or Milk Chocolate Shells
Cranberries Draped in Dark Chocolate (70%)
Coffee Beans Draped in Dark Chocolate (70%)
Cranberries Draped in Milk Chocolate
Blueberries Draped in Dark Chocolate (70%)
Gianduja Hazelnuts
Cacao-infused Almonds
Raisins Draped in Dark (70%) or Milk Chocolate
Almonds Draped in Dark Chocolate (70%)
Pecans Draped in Maple White Chocolate
Almonds Draped in Milk Chocolate

Bean to bar

From the bean to the bar… Our team likes to travel and discover new products, as well as other ways of doing things. Thus, since the summer of 2020, we offer one of our first chocolate bars made from quality cacao beans that we directly process in our Saint-Sauveur workshop. Continuously seeking to find a unique and superior taste, we unceasingly aspire to honor your chocolate culture and gourmet palate by using the best ingredients.