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The Art of Sculpting Chocolate

For impressive chocolate sculptures, the Cotard Chocolatier Art Gallery is a must-see!
A visit to the Gallery, the first of its kind in Canada, will astound you, and may even inspire you to take one of our training classes! Located in the Laurentians, the Gallery is overflowing with treasures both chocolate and human. Our fantastic team will be delighted to welcome you to our academy in Saint-Sauveur.

Visit us at 141 Rue Principale in Saint-Sauveur
Atelier de production et galerie d'art à Ste-Adèle

The Production Workshop in Saint-Sauveur

A Must-see in the Laurentians

Come visit the Gallery and enjoy an immersive experience in a chocolate universe that smells and tastes good! Cotard Chocolatier chocolates are made right here at our Saint-Sauveur academy in the Laurentians. You can meet our artist chocolatiers, Michaël Cotard and Judith Lamontagne, as well as guest artists and sculptors, at our special events. Take advantage of your visit to treat yourself to divine chocolates and original chocolate artworks!

Come and meet us

Discover our artists

Michaël Cotard

Canada’s Best Chocolatier

Michaël Cotard’s inventiveness, expertise, passion and creativity led him to create and develop Cotard Chocolatier. For over a decade, he has been lovingly crafting distinctive chocolates. His desire to share these fabulous blends of flavours, textures and colours, which become visual and gustatory treasures in his hands, continues to renew itself with every new day.

Michaël Cotard | Meilleur Chocolatier Canada

Judith Lamontagne


Artist-chocolatier Judith Lamontagne shares her passion for chocolate with the same enthusiasm that she explains her work. You can benefit from her expertise and sound advice by participating in the workshops and training classes offered by Cotard Chocolatier.

Judith Lamontagne | Artiste chocolatière

Purchase of Chocolate Sculptures

Would you like to buy one of our chocolate sculptures? Enjoy our unique creations!

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Unique creations

Cotard Chocolatier chocolates are unique and remarkable! Firstly, they are the result of the genius of authentic, irreplaceable artists, and secondly, some are made from the recycled chocolate of unsold products. Brilliant! Eco-friendly! Got your mouth watering? At the Cotard Chocolatier Art Gallery, you’ll succumb to your temptations… with even more pleasure than you might imagine!

The Cotard Chocolatier Team

“We’re a wonderful band of chocolate enthusiasts. By the same token, we’ve become allies of gustatory, visual, audacious and original refinement, while remaining true to its nature and freshness… Accomplices in our passion and complementary with our distinctive talents, we are Cotard Chocolatier Glacier. This is our veritable labour of love.”