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Becoming a Cotard Chocolatier Licensee is a means to create your company, whilst benefitting from the knowledge, notoriety and expertise of the brand. You become an independent business. The business capital is yours and you operate in accordance with the identity of the brand.

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NOTICE:  The concept called, “De l’idée à la creation” (From the idea to the creation) is intrinsic to the literary and/or artistic creation of Mr. Michaël Cotard (USD System Editions – Intellectual Passport CB Omnibus Volume # MC1309CA201230). The technical and/or commercial execution of the concept’s processes and know-how – compelling the production, reproduction © and interpretation of all or part of the texts and drawings embedded in the aforementioned work – includes the products referred to on this Web site, as well as any related commercial and financial ventures.

REMINDER:  The mere fact of having created his work, of which he is sole owner, the author possesses the world exclusivity of all or part of its production, reproduction © and interpretation for commercial exploitation of the resulting concretized concept. In accordance to international conventions and national laws on Copyright, this exclusivity is globally recognized for the life of its author and between fifty to seventy years after his passing, as per the legislation of each country.